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Chinese mapped the world before Columbus 坤輿萬國全圖解密-明代測繪世界

The 1602 Chinese world map often attributed to Matteo Ricci is actually drawn around 1430 by Chinese 150 years before Ricci visited China, implying that Ming Chinese not only circumnavigated the world 60 years before Christopher Columbus, they are the first to map the world.  As a result of a seven-year research, Dr. Siu-Leung Lee has published two books. The books are in Chinese, but you can read the English introduction at this site.   

Chinese calligraphy 李兆良書藝

Dr. Siu-Leung Lee authors translation and calligraphy of the award winning anime TV series Avatar produced by Nickelodeon.  Having practiced calligraphy for 60 years, he has mastered various scripts and styles to evolve his own.

Ms. Fu Yiyao’s Chinese paintings傅益瑤水墨

Ms. Fu Yiyao傅益瑤, daughter of the great master Fu Baoshi傅抱石, is world famous on her own merit. Her paintings on Japanese Matsuri民間祭 and Buddhist themes are second to none.

Caigentan (Zen of Vegetable Roots) 菜根譚

A collaboration of the calligraphy by Siu-Leung Lee 李兆良and painting of Fu Yiyao 傅益瑤 uniquely illustrates the Chinese wisdom of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism by a Ming dynasty scholar Hong Yingming 洪應明.

Chinese antiques

Professor Kai-Keung Mark麥繼強教授, the great grandson of Kang You-wei康有為, is a well known collector of Chinese antiques including coins, bronze mirrors, and pottery.  He shares some of his collections with you.

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