Siu-Leung Lee, the artist

Siu-Leung Lee, PhD 李兆良

For 20 years,Dr. Lee has been collaborating with Ms. Fu Yiyao(傅益瑤), daughter of Master Fu Baoshi(傅抱石). She has won the highest honor and award in art in Japan. The first book “Zen of Vegetable Roots”(菜根譚) with Lee’s calligraphy and English translation plus Fu’s painting was published in 2002. Four editions and more than 5 printings later, this book has been a best seller in China.  The Japanese version was launched in 2008 with the blessing of the former Japanese prime minister.

A second collaboration, “Ten-Ox Zen”(十牛圖), has just been completed as a 30-foot long hand scroll, endorsed by the president of China Buddhist Society. This scroll printed in original-like format is each individually hand-mounted in the Song dynasty style for collection by Buddhist organizations and serious art collectors. 

Ten Ox Zen

Ten Ox Zen 十牛圖

Ten Ox Zen 十牛圖卷

Ten Ox Zen 十牛圖卷

Ten Ox Zen Poem 1 十牛圖 第一首

Ten Ox Zen Poem 1 十牛圖 第一首

Chinese National Park logo

Dr. Siu-Leung Lee has been greatly honored to write the logo for a new National Forest Park in China.  Taihangshan太行山, a scenic spot nicknamed as the Oriental Colorado Canyon, is situated in Shanxi province山西, is opened in spring 2005. Dr. Lee is commissioned to write the calligraphy “Taihang Baquanxia,Eight-Spring Gorge” (太行八泉峽) for the main entrance gate and another piece will be engraved on a huge rock for permanent landmark of the National Park.


Dr. Lee is the author of all translation and calligraphy of the award-winning anime TV series “Avatar” by Nickelodeon(2005-2008), and The Legend of Korra(2012- ).


Solo exhibits

  1. 2004. New York City. Confucius Plaza, 33 Bowery Street, NY 10013 (Chinatown) April 16, 17, 18, 11am – 5pm.
  2. 2004.  Kansas City. Fafa Gallery. 2000 Baltimore Avenue. Kansas City, Missouri 64108. Starting April 1, 2004.  Gallery walk through – Friday, April 23, 2003. 6 pm.  Lecture/demonstration – Saturday, April 24, 2003. 10 am – 12 noon.
  3. 2005. May 14-June 11. Columbus. Acme Art Gallery.
  4. 2008. April 27-May 11. “Passion with Ink” Upper Arlington Library, Ohio.
  5. 2012. October. World Overseas Chinese Art and Calligraphy Exhibit at National Museum, Beijing. Distinction award on calligraphy of own poems. Organized by  National Overseas Chinese Federation(僑聯)


Lee, Siu-Leung ,  Fu Yiyao, Caigentan (菜根譚Zen of Vegetable Roots). 2002. First edition. Shanghai Guji Publishing Company.  Reprinted 2004. Japanese edition 2006.

Lee, Siu-Leung, Fu Yiyao, Ten Ox Zen (十牛圖)2012.  A 10-meter scroll.


Other artworks and activities

1993, Logo “慶元香菇甲天下” (Qingyuan’s mushroom, the best), in memory of the opening of the origin of Mushroom, Qingyuan, Zhenjiang.

In 1994, Dr. Lee’s founded the world’s first website on Chinese calligraphy which has been used by dozens of universities and colleges as teaching material.

Dr. Lee contributed to the calligraphy design for more than 10 books. His calligraphy is collected by people in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Argentine, Canada, and US. 

Dr. Lee has given many lectures on calligraphy to diverse audiences, including Ohio Chinese Academic and Professional Association,  University of Chicago, and Ohio State University.




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