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Postby chungyn » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:40 pm


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By CHUNG Yoon-Ngan
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Postby John Mak » Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:02 am

Yoon Ngan,

Let me congratulate you for this wisdom.
Although we are Chinese, our experience of life is different under the British colonial administration.
To give you an example.
The British in Malaya did not allow Chinese Communist school, but in Mauritius we were allowed to attend Communist School.
In America the early Chinese migrants were treated badly, but in Mauritius the early Chinese migrants were treated fairly.
Chinese Mauritians were against independence.
In conclusion our view of the British is different from other part of the world.

John Mak
John Mak
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Postby chungyn » Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:11 am

Dear John,

I was from Chinese school so I was brainwashed by Chinese Culture.
I am illiterate in Western Culture. I should thank my uncle, the second younger
brother of my father. When I was 16 years old he bribed me by giving 15 cents
pocket money per school day if I were to enrolled to study English. I was born
and grew up in a little Hakka village, called Sayap. Imagined 15 cents a day was a lot of money at that time.

At that time people living in big town like Ipoh called us Hakka People Khek.
Map of my little village:

Of course I could not pronounced many English words correctly. Those Chinese 'Bananas' teased me by giving
me a nicked name 'CAT' as they purposely pronounced Khek as CAT. That was how I was being called CAT
through out my English education period for 5 years.

In high school, I did better than many 'Bananas'. My father was a tin miner and he sent me to Australia to study. Malaya became independent and adopted a policy of Malayanisation. When I returned to Malaya I became a big shot in a Malaysian Government Department, as I was educated in Australia. When a British high official retired and went back to England I took over his job.

Seeing the future was unfavourable for us (my Chinese Malayan wife was also educated in Australia) we migrated to Australia.

Until now I am still ignored in Western History and Culture because I have a Chinese mind.

I am a Dragon Seed

龍的傳人 - 歌手 - 侯德建


龍 的 傳 人
The offspring of the Dragon

遙 遠 的 東 方 有 一 條 江
There is a large river in the faraway East

它 的 名 字 就 叫 長 江
It is called Chang Jiang (Yangtze River)

遙 遠 的 東 方 有 一 條 河
There is a river in the faraway East

它 的 名 字 就 叫 黃 河
It is called Huang He (Yellow River)

雖 不 曾 看 見 長 江 美
Although I have never seen the beauty of Chang Jiang

夢 里 常 神 遊 長 江 水
Yet I swam in the Chang Jiang in my dream

雖 不 曾 聽 見 黃 河 壯
Though I hear not the bellow from Huang He

澎 湃 洶 湧 在 夢 里
Yet I could hear its roaring in my dream

古 老 的 東 方 有 一 條 龍
There is a Dragon in the ancient faraway East

它 的 名 字 就 叫 中 國
It is called the Middle Kingdom

古 老 的 東 方 有 一 群 人
There is a group of people in the ancient faraway East

他 們 全 都 是 龍 的 傳 人
All of them are the offspring of the Dragon

巨 龍 腳 底 下 我 成 長
Under the care of the Dragon I grew up

長 成 以 後 是 龍 的 傳 人
After growing up I am the offspring of the Dragon

黑 眼 睛 黑 頭 發 黃 皮 膚
Black eyes, black hair and yellow skin

永 永 遠 遠 是 龍 的 傳 人
Forever and ever I am the offspring of the Dragon

By 侯 德 建 Hou De-jian

Translated by 鄭 永元 CHUNG Yoon-Ngan.
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Postby John Mak » Fri Apr 18, 2014 5:42 pm

Dear Yoon-Ngan,

Let me thank you for the youtube video on "the son of the Dragon".
All of us is proud to be Chinese, each of us sees it differently, that is also true for our friend cheokhongchuan.
I went to Meixian, Meizhou to visit my ancestral home, I felt an attachment with our people, the Hakkas or Kejia,
but I cannot say that I was home.
There is a French word that is called "TERROIR", it means " water and earth"
It is that "TERROIR" changes all of us , you were changed by the "TERROIR" in Ipoh, I was changed by the "TERROIR" in Mauritius,
now you are changed by the 'TERROIR" in Australia. In my case I went through two changes England and now Canada.
This takes place gradually without one noticing it, you and I , old brains , we don't change that easily.
If you and I sit at a table, you and I would not behave the same way as a person from Meixian, that is a reality.
My children do not understand Hakka language anymore ,I don't know about yours.
I am sure you must have read about the students in Taiwan concerning China/Taiwan agreement, yet they too are the children of the Dragon.

John Mak
John Mak
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Postby tseman » Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:50 pm

Hello All, but where is everyone. I come to this site every now & then. I wonder why the old timers are not sticking aound. Is a forum like a cafe, or restaurant, where we go in when we like it ? In the last few years, the internet world has advanced quite a bit. There are now smart phones, & smart tablets.
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Postby John Mak » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:39 pm

tseman, in the past each of us wrote with personal feelings, it was from the heart, although some times the posts were outright rude.
To-day in this new forum, everyone seems to use links that was written by someone else.
Cheokhongchuan was searching for Tin Kay Goh, I remember reading Tin Kay's posts, he gave us his personal view on his chosen subject,
again we don't see that kind of post anymore, most of them two liners.
Another poster Paul Yih, although his post was not my cup of tea, but he gave her personal opinion, even if it was somewhat antisemitic.
suen is still here, unfortunately he is one of those two liners.
I like to read Yoon-Ngan second adopted country Australia, unfortunately he tells very little about his new experience, we had some posts
related to China from Australia, he gives me the impression he is a sojourner in Australia, he eventually will return to the land of Yellow Emperor,
but most of the sojourners never did.

John Mak
John Mak
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To Dear John,

Postby chungyn » Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:23 pm

To Dear John,

My fifth book, "A Chinese Family in Colonial Malaya 1858 to 1960" is about
the history of our family starting from my grandparents, in part 003, up
to the year when I left home in 1960 for Australia to further my study.
You may ask me why I know so much about our family since I was born in 1938
and my grandfather passed away in 1935. It all started by my surprise of
hearing my father, an illiterate man in Chinese and English, speaking a
few English words to me.

I returned home from Australia in June 1966 after I had completed my study
in Perth and worked in Melbourne for 18 months. Father was very happy since
I was the first one, in the family, who had completed a tertiary education.
The next day, he took me to the family tin mine and showed me around. While
we were walking and he was showing me about the land that he would mine
in the near future he spoke a few English words to me. That gave me the
greatest surprise in my life. I could never dream that Father could speak
a few English words. I asked him where and how he came to know these few
English words. He told me to be patient and not to rush to work but stay
at home for sometime and he would tell me all he knew about the family.

The next morning he woke me up at 6 am and we had breakfast in a coffee
shop. He began to tell me the history of our family. For three or four months
every now and then he told me about his parents and the story of his life
and his siblings and my siblings when they were kids. He told me to write
them all down and pass the information to the future generations.

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By CHUNG Yoon-Ngan (鄭永元)

Anyone who is interested in my fifth book you can obtain
a copy from my Editor and Publisher in New York City, USA.

Her email address is :

"Julie Boon" <>,
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