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Important! Read this before you register

To block spammers, registrations remain inactive until you write to the admin with your valid email and username, even though you receive an automatic email recognizing your registration.
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Important! Read this before you register

Postby admin » Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:00 am

After registration, you may receive an email acknowledging your registration. But it does not automatically approve your account. You need to write to the admin with your valid email and user name to activate your account. This is to block the hundreds of spammer registrations everyday.

Please see the way of posting is different from "phorum".

You can include images. Highlight the text you want to link to an image, link and then click on the buttons img, url. You can also underline, bold, italic, list in the same way.See this video for a demo : You can preview and read your post before it is posted, and you can edit your own post if you make a mistake.

There are categories for a major forum. To get the best audience for your posts, please select the appropriate categories carefully. Some of the post may fit several forums. Use your judgment. The admin has moved some of the posts to more appropriate categories.

This is your forum. To keep it informative and useful, please report any abuse of the forum to the admin. Thank you.
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