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毛澤東 回家了 (Mao Zedong Going Home)

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毛澤東 回家了 (Mao Zedong Going Home)

Postby chungyn » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:39 pm

毛澤東 回家了 (Mao Zedong Going Home)

Since the Autumn Uprising in 1927 Mao Zedong had never been back to his
birthplace, the house in which he was born.

On June 25th 1959, Mao Zedong returned home and went to pay respect to his
parent's graves. He wrote this poem to commemorate his returning home.

到韶山 Returning to Shaoshan
Written in June 1959

別夢依稀咒逝川,---Bie2 meng4 yi xi zhou4 shi4 chuan [1A],
故園三十二年前.---Gu4 yuan2 san shi2 er4 nian2 qian2.
紅旗捲起農奴戟,---Hong2 qi2 juan3 qi3 nong2 nu2 ji3,
黑手高懸霸王鞭.---Hei shou3 gao xuan2 ba4 wang2 bian.
為有犧牲多壯志,---Wei4 you3 xi sheng duo zhuang4 zhi4,
敢教日月換新天.---Gan3 jiao ri4 yue4 huan4 xin tian.
喜看稻菽千重浪,---Xi3 kan dao4 shu qian chong2 lang4,
遍地英雄下夕煙.---Bian4 di4 ying xiong2 xia4 xi yan.

Like a dim dream recalled, I curse the long-fled past,
My native soil two and thirty years gone by.
The red flag roused the serf, halberd in hand,
While the despot's black talons held his whip aloft.
Bitter sacrifice strengthens bold resolve
Which dares to make sun and moon shine in new skies.
Happy, I see wave upon wave of paddy and beans,
And all around heroes home-bound in the evening mist.

Mao Tsetung poems,
Foreign Language Press, Peking, 1976

逝川 (shi4 chuan)
Mao Zedong quotes from Confucius 論語 (Lun Yu): on chapter 16, 子罕篇.
"逝者如斯天! 不舍晝天"

孔子站在河邊, 看了那河水流個不停, 感歎著說:
"逝去的就像流水一般! 不分晝夜,永無止息".

Confucius, standing near the bank of a river watching the flowing water,
"When one dies, one is like the flowing water, flowing endlessly day and

The background of the poem:

In June 1959, Khrushchev, the leader of Russia, not only reneged its promise
to supply Nuclear know-how to China, but also encouraged the Chinese to
dump Mao Zedong. On June 25th, Mao Zedong returned to his home in Shaoshan
(韶山) and went to see his parents' graves. The Russians crippled the Chinese
program of building their own Nuclear weapons. It seemed that everything
was going against him.Therefore he chose this moment to go home to revive
his spirit just like what he did in the early days of the civil war.

Mao Zedong stepped through the front door and entered his own house. His
dead parents' photos were hanging on the wall in the hall. He gazed at the
photos for a while in silence, [I wondered what was in his mind].

[Mao Zetian 毛澤田, the next photo is his father, Mao Zemin 毛澤民, his
mother 文其美, Mao Zedong 毛澤東, the next photo is Mao's father Mao Rensheng
毛仁生. Mao Zehong 毛澤紅, the younger sister of Mao, the youngest child
in the Mao family, was not in the photos].

Mao Zedong then turned to his companions and said that they should not have
died that young with today's medical conditions. His mother died of lymph
gland which could be cured easily. His father died at fifty of typhoid fever
which could be cured easily by today's medical standard.

The next morning, taking a pine twig (松枝 old tradition - started during
the Chun Qiu Period 春秋時代 770BC to 476BC - a long story - no space to
tell the story here, but you can refer to my article on "The origin of Qing
Ming Festival 清明節 ), he went up the hill where his parents were buried.
Respectfully, he offered the pine twig before his parents graves in a dignified
manner. He bowed his head three times to his parents. With his head bowed,
he said to his dead parents:

"In the old days, the ancestors suffered hardship, whereas, nowadays, their
descendants enjoy happiness. Rest in peace and everything will be fine".

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