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夢裡是天堂- 歌手 - 陳娟娟

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夢裡是天堂- 歌手 - 陳娟娟

Postby chungyn » Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:35 pm

夢裡是天堂- 歌手 - 陳娟娟

(Pari Puntar is like Pusing to me)

This is a nice song.
Sorry I could not find the lyrics. I was born, grew up and educated in Malaysia.

I worked in Malaysia as an Executive Officer for 3 years. Unfortunately.
I could not get along with one of the Sultans who wanted to put me in jail.
I with my wife and a daughter had to go back to Australia where my grandfather
was a gold digger for
26 years. (Please read my latest book about my family) If you are interest
in this book please write to my Publisher in New York city USA. her email
address is:

"Julie Boon"

My publisher will give you a book free of charge. The book is abut how
a Hakka Chinese family lived through two wars (WWWII and Emergency - British
Colonists against Malayan Communist Party). My book influenced my publisher
to travel from New York to Pusing, 10 thousand miles away to see what I
had written in my book. It was a great compliance.

My nephew, the No.1 son of my deceased third elder brother is the Bank Manager
of Parit Buntar Bank.

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