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桃李爭春 - 歌手 - 潘秀瓊

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桃李爭春 - 歌手 - 潘秀瓊

Postby chungyn » Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:07 am

It was a Bai Guang (白光) song but Poon Sow Keng
recorded it in 1955, when I was still in high school.
Miss Poon is a distant relative of mine by my stepmother side.
That is why I spell her name in her Hainanese dialect.

桃李爭春 - 歌手 - 潘秀瓊

窗外海連天 窗內春如海
人兒帶醉態 你醉了嗎?


深情比酒濃 你為甚不瞭解?
美意比酒甜 你為甚不理睬?

我是真愛你 隨便你愛我不愛
只要我愛你 不管你愛我不愛

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