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097 - 贈孟浩然 To bestow a gift to Meng Haoran

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097 - 贈孟浩然 To bestow a gift to Meng Haoran

Postby chungyn » Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:23 am

Dear All: This is a nice poem by 李白 sending off his good friend 孟浩然

I have added a niece song too. Here is the song and I call her my daughter..

煙花三月 - 歌手 - 龔玥


097 - 贈孟浩然 To bestow a gift to Meng Haoran
By Li Bai (李白 701AD to 762AD)

吾愛孟夫子,---Wu2 ai4 Meng Fu Zi,
風流天下聞.---Feng liu2 [*1A] tian xia4 wen2.
紅顏棄軒冕,---Hong2 yan2 [*2B] qi2 xuan mian3 [*3C],
白首臥松雲.---Bai2 shou3 wo4 song yun2.

醉月頻中聖,---Zui4 yue4 pin2 zhong sheng4 [*4D],
迷花不事君.---Mi2 hua [*5E] bu4 shi4 jun.
高山安可仰?--Gao shan an ke3 yang?
徒此拶清芬.---Tu2 ci3 yi4 qing fang [*6F].

Explanations in plain Chinese and English

(1) 我很歡喜這位孟夫子﹐
I like this Mencius very much,
(2) 一位他有名士的格品﹐天下都聞名的。
A man who has the character and morals and world renowned.
(3) 他在少年時就不願做官﹐拋棄了高車和官帽﹐
When he was young he did not want to become an official and threw away his

official carriage and hat,
(4) 獨子隱居起來﹐到現在頭發已白﹐還是在青松白雲裏高臥著
Preferring to live in seclusion in the pine forest until his hair is white.

(5) 他在月下常常飲酒﹐ 很能得到古人的風趣﹐
He often drank wine under the moon imitating the charm and wit of the ancients,

(6) 因為迷戀花草﹐所以不願替君王做事。
Owning to his love of flowers he refuse to serve the ruler
(7) 他那清高的品格﹐好比高山一樣﹐別人怎能仰攀得到呢﹖
His aloof character and morality was as high as a mountain and who could
look up to be like him,
(8) 我在這裏﹐只有徒然遠望著他的清高的品格罷了。
Here I was from afar could only look at his high character and good morality.


[*1A] 風流 (Feng liu2)

[*2B] 紅顏 (Hong2 yan2)

[*3C] 軒冕 (xuan mian3)

[*4D] 聖 (sheng 4)

[*5E] 迷花 (mi hua

[*6F] 清芬 (qing fang)

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