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人隔萬重山 - 歌手 - 姚莉

Postby chungyn » Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:44 am

人隔萬重山 - 歌手 - 姚莉

曲 : 壯宏 詞 : 棟蓀 - 歌手: 姚莉

相見難 淚偷彈 , 長倚畫欄終日盼
望穿秋水空等待 , 人隔万重山

怨東風 陣陣吹 , 一腔愁思吹不散
只因情深恨也深 , 人隔万重山

記否當年事 , 月下起誓愿相愛
因何把約背 , 難道你已忘怀
音訊斷 心欲碎 , 舊時歡笑成夢幻
一去猶如石沉海 , 人隔万重山

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綠島小夜曲 - 歌手 - Vienna Teng

Postby chungyn » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:02 am

綠島小夜曲 - 歌手 - Vienna Teng ... 8BCDA55BF7

This song gives me sweet memory.

This song reminds me of the good old time I had with my childhood good friend
Mr Wong (better don't spell out his real name). He has retired now. His
profession was
a Consultant Civil Engineer.

Before both of us were married we used to frequent a particular night club
in KL whenever I went to visit him. One of the songstresses was in love
with him. Whenever she saw us coming in, the next song she sang was this
song to welcome us. She would stare at us while she was singing. She had
not the opportunity to come to our table to talk to us. She worked till
very late and we had to go back to sleep before she finished work.

My friend wanted to marry her but his father said 'NO'. His father told
me to go to KL as often as I could trying to convince my friend not to marry
this singer.

Then we met a school mate of us. He was a car sale man. He criticized us
of still using secondhand VW. We should be using new cars. We told him to
introduce a beautiful girl for Wong as I was already engaged to a girl friend
(now my wife). The salesman told us to meet him in a certain night club
in Ipoh (I forgot its name) the next evening.

The next night, he introduced us to three very beautiful female teachers.
One of them, the most beautiful one was specialized in teaching English
subject in Convert School Ipoh. Her oral English was perfect and she scored
An Distinction (A1) in the English subject in her Senior Cambridge Exams.
We were from Methodist Afternoon School, a private school. However, Wong
obtained a Civil Engineering degree from Malayan University and he was a
private Civil Consultant Engineer and I, a graduate from Australia, was
working in Public Works Department in (PWD) Head Office at Brewster Road,
Ipoh. Wong found her very attractive and beautiful and much prettier than
the singer in the night club in KL. Wong told me he wanted to chase after
her until she became his wife. Truth enough, the next year Wong married
her. But Wong and I still loved to listen to this song.

Unfortunately Wong passed away a few months ago.

The original song was sung by Zi Wei (紫薇), but this song is by Vienna
Teng, an American born Chinese who taught herself to sing Mandarin songs.

Lu Dao Xiao Ye Qu (Green Island Serenade)

綠島小夜曲 - 歌手 - Vienna Teng

(an ABC who taught herself to sing Mandarin songs)

The English translation

The Chinese version ... re=related


讓我的歌聲隨那微風 吹開了妳的窗簾
讓我的衷情隨那流水 不斷的向妳傾訴
椰子樹的長影 掩不住我的情意

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