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五塊錢 (Five Dollars) - 歌手 - 陳美光

History that might have been lost without our effort, particularly during the interaction of East and West.
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五塊錢 (Five Dollars) - 歌手 - 陳美光

Postby chungyn » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:54 pm

Your parents, if they were still alive, would tell you the story about this
We were discussing about the American Government printing money to support
the war. I suddenly remembered this song where all the Chinese schools students
were singing before the Emergency in Malaya. It was quickly banned by the
British Colonial Authorities.

It happened once in Singapore where the British Colonists printed too much
to support their colonial country MALAYA , including Singapore. in the 1940s

Chen Meiguang - Wu Kuai Qian

五塊錢 (Five Dollars) - 歌手 - 陳美光

年代出版的【四季美人】合輯也有收錄。 這首1945年的諷刺歌曲《五塊錢》,是費
克的作品,以詼諧的音調揭露和諷刺當時的社會現象。 費克(1917~1968)是中國作

陳美光 -《五塊錢》

這年頭怎麼得了 五塊錢的鈔票滿地拋
街頭茅房處處有 垃圾堆裡也找得到
買東西沒人要 商店的老闆瞧也不瞧
挑擔的小販皺眉毛 鼻子一哼嘴兒一翹
還要向你笑一笑 要飯的花子看見了
他眼兒一斜擺擺手 把那腦瓜子要幾搖
害得你啼笑皆非 糊裏糊塗莫名其妙
為什麼喲 五塊錢的鈔票沒人要
為什麼 五塊錢的鈔票沒人要
為什麼為什麼 秪因為鈔票印得多
物價就漲得高 鈔票越印越多
越多越沒人要 柴米油鹽天天漲喲
漲得比天還要高 窮人吃不飽富人哈哈笑
這樣的日子怎麼過喲 快把世界來改造

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