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If Your Chinese Surname is TONG (童)

History that might have been lost without our effort, particularly during the interaction of East and West.
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If Your Chinese Surname is TONG (童)

Postby chungyn » Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:36 pm

If Your Chinese Surname is TONG (童)

Tong means: kid; child; lad.
The surname Tong is about 2,500 years old.

The surname Tong originated in an area referred to during the Warring States
Period (戰國時代453BC to 221BC) of Zhou Dynasty (周朝) as the Yanmen prefecture
(雁門郡). The present day location of Yanmen prefecture is in Dai county
(代縣, 112.9 degree East and 39.1 degree North on the world map) of Shanxi
province (山西省).

During the Zhou Dynasty (1134BC to 256BC), in 676BC, Ji Guizhu (姬詭諸)
was installed the nineteenth ruler of the State of Jin (晉國 present day
Yicheng county 翼城縣 in Shanxi province 山西省). Ji Guizhu, who ruled Jin
until 651BC, employed Xu Chen (胥臣) as an official in his Court.

For four generations, members of Xu Chen's family had been employed as officials
by the Jin Court. The son of Xu Chen was called Xu Jia (胥甲), his grandson
Xu Ke (胥克) and his great grandson Xu Tong (胥童) who became the most trustful
official during the rule of Ji Shouman (姬壽曼), the twenty seventh ruler
of the State of Jin. Ji Shouman, who ruled Jin from 580BC to 572BC, appointed
Xu Tong the commander-in-chief of the Jin armed forces.

One day, Ji Shouman, Xu Tong and a few body guards went to visit an official
called Jiang Li (匠麗) who lived near a mountain called Taiyin (太陰). When
they arrived near the mountain a group of soldiers, under the command of
a dissent officer, attacked them. Xu Tong was killed and Ji Shouman was
captured. That evening Ji Shouman was also being killed by forcing to drink
a cup of poisonous wine.

After Xu Tong's death a few of his children used TONG (童) as their surname
in remembrance of him.

The couplet of surname Tong:

源自春秋,---Yuan2 zi4 Chun Qiu,
望出雁門.---Wang4 chu yanmen.


(See the poem SNOW "雪“written by Chairman Mao
just after the completion of the LONG March..
Please see Chinese Surname TONG showing how the only
photo was taken by 童小鵬, who took the only
photo taken of 毛 澤 東 and 蔣介石 standing together.
It is the only photo in the WORLD)

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