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019 - The Distribution of HakkaChinese in China and the Worl

World diaspora of Chinese and their relatives and origin in China.
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019 - The Distribution of HakkaChinese in China and the Worl

Postby chungyn » Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:48 am

019 - The Distribution of HakkaChinese in China and the World.

(Note; this article was written more than a10 years ago)

The distribution of Hakka people in China is based on the survey done by
Dr Luo Xiang Lin (羅香林) and published by him in 1950 under the title of
"Ke Jia Yuan Liu Kao (客家源流考) or The Examination of the Origin and
Development of Hakkas." The results revealed that the Hakka people, with
a population of about 20 million is estimated that it has now more than
doubled since then, and no.survey has been done by anyone, not even the
People's Republic of China government), lived in 184 counties in eight provinces.
The Hakkas were in majority in 33 of the 184 counties.

Number of counties where Hakkas are in majority and minority


(1) Guangdong (廣東)=======15=========== 50

(2) Jiangxi (江西) ==========10============17

(3) Fujian (福建)============8============= 7

(4) Guangxi(廣西)===========0============= 45

(5) Sichuan (四川)========== 0=============14

(6) Hunan (湖南)=========== 0==============5

(7) Guizhou (貴州)========== 0==============1

(8) Taiwan (台灣)=========== 0==============12
Total==================== 33============151

(1) Guangdong province: counties in majority;

Mei Xian (梅縣), Xing Ning (興寧), Wu Hua (五華), Ping Yuan (平遠),
Jiao Ling (蕉嶺), Da Pu (大埔), Lian Ping (連平), He Ping (和平),
Long Chuan (龍川), Zi jin (紫金), Ren Hua (仁化), Shi Xing (始興),
Ying De (英德), Weng Yuan (翁源), Lu He (陸河)
Chi Xi (赤溪 Note: in 1951 Chi Xi became a part of Tai Shan 台山).

counties in minority;

Nan Xiong (南雄), Qu Jiang (曲江), Le Chang (樂昌?), Ru Yuan(乳源),
Lian Xian (連縣), Lian Shan (連山), Yang Shan (陽山), Hui Yang (惠陽), 
Hai Feng (海豐), Lu Feng (陸豐), Bo Luo (博羅), Zeng Cheng (曾城),
Long Men (龍門), Bao An (寶安), Dong Guan (東莞), Hua Xian (花縣),
Qing Yuan (清遠), Fo Tong (佛同), Kai Ping (開平), Zhong Shan (中山),
Fan Yu (番禺), Cong Hua (從化), Jie Yang (揭陽), Rao Ping (饒平),
Xin Yi (信宜), Chao An (潮安), He Yuan (河源), Feng Shun (豐順),
He Shan (鶴山), Xu Wen (徐聞), Yang Chun (陽春), San Shui (三水),
Lin Gao (臨高), Ling Shui (陵水), Guang Ning (廣寧), Hui Lai (惠來),
Dan Xian (儋縣), Ding An (定安), Ya Xian (崖縣), Hua Zhou (化州),
Chao Yang (潮陽), Cheng Mai (澄邁), Wan Ning (萬寧), Xin Feng (新豐),
Luo Ding (羅定), Tai Shan (台山), Feng Chuan (封川)
(NOTE: in 1961 Feng Chuan was amalgamated with Jian Xian 建縣 to form a
new county called Feng Kai 封開).

(2) Jiangxi province: counties in majority;

Xun Wu (尋烏), An Yuan (安遠), Ding Nan (定南), Long Nan (龍南),
Quan Nan (全南), Xin Feng (信豐), Nan Kang (南康), An Nan (安南),
Chong Yi (崇義), Shang You (上猶).

counties in minority;

Han Xian (韓縣), Xing Guo (興國), Yu Du (于都), Hui Chang (會昌),
Ning Du (寧都), Shi Cheng (石城), Rui Jin (瑞金), Guang Chang (廣昌),
Yong Feng (永豐), Wan An (萬安), Sui Chuan (遂川), Ji An (吉安),
Wan Zai (萬載), Ping Xiang (萍鄉), Xiu Shui (修水), Ji Shui (吉水),
Tai He (泰和).

(3) Fujian province: counties in majority;

Ning Hua (寧化), Chang Ting (長汀), Shang Hang (上杭), Wu Ping (武平), 
Yong Ding (永定), Jiang Le (將樂), Sha Xian (沙縣), Nan Ping (南平).

counties in minority;

Qing Liu (清流), Lian Cheng (連城), Long Yan (龍岩), Ming Xi (明溪),
Ping He (平和), Zhao An (昭安), Chong An (崇安).

(4) Guangxi province: counties in majority;

counties in minority;

Fang Cheng (防城), He Pu (合蒲), Qin Xian (欽縣), Gui Ping (桂平),
Gui Xian (貴縣), Cang Wu (蒼梧), Ping Nan (平南), Bo Bai (博白),
Yu Lin (玉林), Bei Liu (北流), Teng Xian (藤縣), He Xian (賀縣),
Wu Xuan (武宣), Xiang Xian (象縣), Heng Xian (橫縣), Wu Ming (武鳴),
Lu Chuan (陸川), Yi Shan (宜山), Liu Zhou (柳州), Rong An (融安),
Lu Zhai (鹿寨), Zhao Ping (昭平), Ping Le (平樂), Bin Yang (賓陽),
Yong Ning (邕寧), Zhong Shan (鐘山), Li Pu (荔蒲), San Jiang (三江),
Luo Cheng (羅城), Liu Cheng (柳城), Lai Bin (來賓), Yang Shuo (陽朔),
Meng Shan (蒙山), Chong Zuo (崇左), Dong Lan (東蘭), Nan Dan (南丹),
Xin Du (信都), Jin Xiu (金秀), Feng Shan (風山), Ma Shan (馬山),
Huan Jiang (環江), Fu Sui (扶綏, Ning Ming (寧明), He Chi (河池).

(5) Hunan province: counties in majority;

counties in minority;

Ru Cheng (汝城), Chen Xian (郴縣), Liu Yang (瀏陽). Ping Jiang (平江), 
Yi Zhang (宜章).

(6) Sichuan province: counties in majority;

counties in minority;

Fu Ling (涪陵), Ba Xian (巴縣), Rong Chang (榮昌), Long Chang (隆昌),
Lu Xian (瀘縣), Nei Jiang (內江), Zi Zhong (資中), Xin Du (新都),
Guang Han (廣漢), Cheng Du (成都), Shuang Liu (雙流), Guan Xian (灌縣),
Hui Li (會理 previously was part of Xi Kang 西康),
Xin Fan (新繁 in 1965 Xin Fan became a part of Xin Du 新都).

(7) Guizhou province: counties in majority;

county in minority;

Rong Jiang (榕江).

(8) Taiwan province: counties in majority;

counties in minority;

Taipei (台北), Zhang Hua (彰化), Tao Yuan (桃園), Xin Zhu (新竹),
Tai Zhong (台中), Gao Xiong (高雄), Hua Lian (花蓮), Ping Dong (屏東), 
Tai Dong (台東), Miao Li (苗栗), Nan Tou (南投), Yun Lin (雲林).

The distribution of Hakkas throughout the world according
to a report by Chen Yong Lian in Hong Kong in 1980.

Country Hakka population in approximation

Country================estimated Hakkas

(01) Japan=============== 4,000
(02) Vietnam=========== 300,000
(03) Cambodia============ 3,000
(04) Thailand============ 300,000
(05) Malaysia========== 1,600,000 (1999)
(06) Singapore========== 400,000 (1950)
(07) Indonesia========== 2,000,000 (1999)
(08) Philippines===== ====== 10,000
(09) East Timor none (formerly 3,500 Hakkas out of 6,000 Chinese)
(10) India================= 8,000 (1939)
(11) Australia============= 11,000
(12) Papua New Guinea====== 1,000
(13) Tahiti=========== ===== 7,000 (Hakka Chinese are in majority)
(14) Canada============== 9,000 (1999)
(15) American============ 10,000? So few
(16) Hawaiian===== ======= 10,000
(17) Panama============== 4,000
(18) Jamiaca============= 20,000 (Hakka Chinese are in majority)
(19) Trinidad================ 800
(20) Cuba================= 5,000
(21) Guyana========== ===== 5,000
(22) Surinam=========== === 4,000
(23) Brazil============= === 2,000
(24) Argentina about one hundred?
(25) Peru================10,000 (Hakka Chinese are in majority)
(26) Britain============== 18,000
(27) Netherland a few hundred?
(28) Africa============== 10,000 (mostly in South Africa)
(29) Mauritius=== ======== 25,000 (Hakka Chinese are in majority)

Total Overseas Hakkas about 5,000,000

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