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The popular Hakka Mountain song singer - 劉三姐 Liu Sanjie

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The popular Hakka Mountain song singer - 劉三姐 Liu Sanjie

Postby chungyn » Mon Oct 03, 2016 3:55 am

The popular Hakka Mountain song singer- 劉三姐 Liu Sanjie

As below is the English translation.

相傳遠在唐朝, 梅縣松口有一位劉三妹,
聰明伶俐, 以擅長唱山歌而遠近聞名.
一天, 劉三妹在江邊洗衫, 看見上游漂來一只船.
船上站著一個秀才, 聲言特來找三妹對歌.

講唱山歌捱最多, 船上載有七八籮.
拿出一籮同你對, 唱到明年割番禾.

劉三妹暗自笑, 隨口駁道:


秀才一聽, 自知不是對手,
趕快掉轉船頭, 溜之大吉.

客家人中有一個美麗的傳說, 那是發生在舊社會里, 貧困的農村,
地主欺壓百姓, 土豪劣紳橫行霸道, 魚肉鄉民, 窮人有苦無處訴.
這個時候, 出現了一位美麗活潑, 愛唱山歌的客家姑娘.
她用山歌揭發土霸的惡, 她用山歌唱出人民的心聲,
歌聲喚醒了被壓迫的人民, 歌聲也鼓舞了人民為幸福而展開的鬥爭.
"只有山歌屬窮人". 這位愛唱山歌的客家姑娘, 名字叫做劉三姐 (說她
比唐朝的劉三妹還會唱). 她受到廣大人民群眾的敬愛和贊頌,

70 年代這個美麗的傳說被中國的電影制辦片伯成一部精彩的影片"劉三姐". 飾演劉
三姐的女主角黃婉秋那青春美麗的祥貌, 甜美的歌聲,
相信仍記憶猶新, 難以忘懷的.
"劉三姐" 黃婉秋女士是個家喻戶曉的人物.
黃婉秋的丈夫的姓名叫何有才, 她的女兒叫何雁冰.

During the Tang Dynasty (618AD to 907AD), there lived a beautiful and intelligent
girl in the town called Songkou (松口) in the county of Meixian (present
day Meixian county in Guangdong province). Her name was Liu Sanjie (The
Third Sister Liu), who was very talented in singing mountain songs. Her
singing was well-known throughout the region.

One day, Liu Sanmei was washing clothing near the bank of the river. Along
it came a boat. In the boat there was a scholar who boasted that he wanted
to challenge Liu Sanjie in singing mountain songs.
Immediately the scholar began to sing:

"Talking about singing mountain songs I have plenty,
There are seven or eight baskets of them in the boat,
I'll take out one basket to challenge you to sing,
Until next year's crops harvesting."

Liu Sanmei was smiling secretly and straight away she answered the scholar
in singing.

"Washing clothing on the bank of the river is Liu Sanjie,
May I ask, sir, where are you from?
Since ancient time, mountain songs always come from the mouth,
Where got such thing as boat carries mountain songs."

The scholar knew he was no match. Immediately he turned the boat around
and sailed away for good.

Hakka legend has it that there was a beautiful and talented Hakka girl by
the name of Liu Sanjie, who was born and grew up in a Hakka village. She
loved to sing mountain songs. She sang mountain songs to express her anger
on the oppressive rich landlords and despots in the land. She sang about
how the poor people were being ill-treated by these tyrants. With the mountain
songs she arose the poor people to fight against the bad rulers. She became
the "mountain song fairy" of the day.

In the 1970s, the Chinese government produced a colourful movie based on
this legend and entitled it "Liu Sanjie" (imitating the elder sister of
Liu Sanmei in the Tang Dynasty). The main actress of this movie is Huang
Wanqiu whose husband is He Youcai. They have a daughter by the name of He
Yanbing. The best act of Huang Wanqiu and He Youcai is the duet of Liu Sanmei
and the scholar, during the Tang Dynasty.

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