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Bengawan Solo (Solo River) = 陳蓉蓉

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Bengawan Solo (Solo River) = 陳蓉蓉

Postby chungyn » Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:37 pm

Many Malaysians do not know the lyrics of this song.
Here it is in three languages, Malay/Indonesian, Chinese/Mandarin and English

An Indonesian folk song

Bengawan Solo (Solo River) = 陳蓉蓉

Sung by an Indonesian Chinese named 陳蓉蓉 in Indonesian and Mandarin.

Bengawan Solo--------------(Solo River,)
Riwayatmu ini-----------------(From the beginning)
Sedari dulu---------------------(Your history)
Menjadi perhatian insani---(Has fascinated people.)

Musim kemarau---------------(In the dry season,)
Tak b'rapa airmu--------------(Your water is low.)
Di musim hujan air------------(In the wet season,)
Meluap sampai jauh----------(Your water overflows far.)

Mata airmu dari Solo---------(Your source is in Solo.)
Bergunung-gunung seribu---(A thousand mountains embrace you.)
Air mengalir sampai jauh----(Your water flows far)
Akhirnya kelaut-----------------(And finally reaches the sea.)

Itu perahu-------------------------(Those boats)
Riwayatnya dulu ---------------(Your history tells us of)
Kaum pedagang---------------(Traders sailing down you)
S'lalu naik itu perahu----------(In those boats.)

Chinese version

By Poon Sow Keng (潘秀瓊)

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