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A Taiwan Hakka folk song

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A Taiwan Hakka folk song

Postby chungyn » Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:10 pm

A Taiwan Hakka folk song

In March the scenes are beautiful

三月裏來好風光---San yue4 li3 lai2 hao3 feng guang
茶山阿妹採茶忙---Cha2 shan a mei4 cai3 cha2 mang2
一山採過又一山---Yi shan cai3 guo4 you4 yi shan
歌聲飛過半山崗---Ge sheng fei guo4 ban4 shan gang3

In March the scenes are beautiful
The girls in the tea mountain are busy picking tea leaves
They work from one mountain to another
Their songs travel across the ridge

It is a Hakka folk song

The Hakkas in Taiwan were originally from Mei Xian and its surrounding areas
in the province of Guangdong.

When they arrived in Taiwan they settled down in Xin Zhu, Miao Li,Tao Yuan
and Ping Dong as well as Hua Lian.

Mainly, there are three kinds of tone in folk song; namely Old Folk Song,

Little (sonny) Folk Song and Flat Board.

The other names of the Old Folk Song are; Across the Mountain Tone, Big
Folk Song Tone, High Mountain Tone and South Wind Tone.

It is said that these are the origin of folk song in Taiwan.

From 客家藝能文化 Kejia Yi Neng Wenhua
By 王耀華 Wang Yaohua

Translated into English by
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