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意亂情迷 - 歌手 - 潘秀瓊 - 跳舞

World diaspora of Chinese and their relatives and origin in China.
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意亂情迷 - 歌手 - 潘秀瓊 - 跳舞

Postby chungyn » Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:01 pm

I am getting old and I am going to tell you some of young naughty stories,
(read my latest books)

意亂情迷 - 歌手 - 潘秀瓊 - 跳舞


自從我遇見你 心裡永遠不忘記
我只怕後會無期 一心想見你
有一天 在街上見你 對我陰陽怪氣
我心裡只有懷疑 你好像對我無意 從此不想你

第二次遇見你 心裡不要理睬你
可是你姿態輕盈 怎不教人迷
走上前 要和你談談情意 你說你已有愛侶
我自嘆沒有福氣 把愛情隱藏心底 不再想念你

Since you are not yet asleep let me tell you about
my life in Pusing before I went to Australia for my Tertiary Education.

I was born a kampong boy and spent my childhood in the kampong called Kampong
Sayap, a Hakka village.

The location of of my village

All my childhood events I remembered were recorded in my latest book.
When the Emergency started the British colonists forced us to live near
a little
Hakka town called Pusing (布先 please refer to the map as above).

When this song was released, I was in Form Five, ( I studied Chinese and
preparing for my Cambridge Overseas Students Examinations.
Owing to my involvement to an illegal political party (Min Yuen 民運 affiliated
to Malayan Communist Party -MCP ) I was kicked out from house by my father.
As my school was in Ipoh I was forced to live in his friend's house in Ipoh
until the Exams was over.

Do you want to know how my father knew about my involvement with this political

Well, one midnight, a high ranking British police officer and many policemen
came to my hometown to arrest all those who were involved with this illegal
political party. According to the police officer two members of my family
should be arrested. My father was shocked. The two members of the family
were my third sister-in-law and I. However, I was lucky because I was not
sleeping at home that night but in a friend's house where we had a long
meeting until the curfew hours started. All of us in the meeting could not
go home due to the curfew. If we were caught by the police wondering around,
we could end up in jail according to the Emergency regulations. So we all
slept in that house after our meeting. If the police were to check at that
house all of us would be arrested and ended up in jail. There were about
ten of us.

When I went home the next morning - it must be Sunday. My father scolded
me and told me to get out of the house and go to live in his friend's house
in Ipoh. My third sister-in-law was arrested and ended up in jail. I did
not know she was also involved, but she knew I was a new member and she
was involved for a few years - an old member. (In retrospect I was silly
and naive.)

However, this song disturbed me in preparing for my final year High School
Exams. The children of my father's friend kept playing this song with their
record player. That's why I always remembered this song.

Eventually I asked my father's permission to live with another family. This
family was originally from my home town and the children of this family
were not so noisy.
I stayed with this family until my big exams were over. Then I returned
home and ended up working in my father's tin mine because he wanted to teach
me how to become a tin miner. However, I was not interested in tin mining
because I was a bookworm and was only interested in reading books. Knowing
that I was wasting my time in the mine my father then sent me to Australia
to study.

That was long time ago and it became part of the history of my life..

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