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China's Canton Fair exports up 8.2% to $30.2 billion

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China's Canton Fair exports up 8.2% to $30.2 billion

Postby Martin Su » Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:35 pm

Business is pretty good for Chinese companies. China's Canton Fair closed last Saturday and sales were up year-over-year by 8.2% for a total of US$30.2 billion.

China shows continued strength in its exports of manufactured products.

"The autumn session of the Canton Fair, held twice a year, opens today in exhibition halls with a total area of 1.18 million sq metres.
The fair has long been a gauge of the mainland's export performance in the following six to nine months."

Canton Fair concludes with more buyers, deals despite slack demand, protectionism | Global Times (November 5, 2017)

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