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China's nascent Virtual Reality (VR) industries

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China's nascent Virtual Reality (VR) industries

Postby Martin Su » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:03 am

At 2:25 in the video, China uses virtual reality (VR) to train workers for high-skill jobs. Examples include operating complicated CNC machine tools, running the machines in a manufacturing plant, designing airplane engines, and visualizing new layouts for aircraft interior designs.

China is replacing humans in manufacturing plants with industrial robots. Those humans are being retrained into technicians to oversee and maintain the industrial robots. China wants its citizens to perform high-value-added functions, instead of rote manual labor.


"China Footprint: World factory embraces intelligent manufacturing
Published on Sep 11, 2017

Situated in south China's Pearl River Delta region, the city of Dongguan is known for being the world's largest consumer electronic manufacturing base. But after its labor-intensive industries were hit by the 2008 financial crisis, Dongguan began its process of transformation."

Chinese researchers use VR to "teach" robots to perform increasingly complicated tasks.


"Chinese researchers teach robots through VR
New China TV
Published on Jul 10, 2017

Slowly, but surely, the robots are learning. Join this special class for robots. Chinese researchers are teaching them to carry out tasks by giving them a demonstration in virtual reality (VR)."

Alibaba uses VR to sell products in a virtual store.


"Buy+ The First Complete VR Shopping Experience
Alibaba Group
Published on Oct 22, 2016

Watch how everything, from perusal to purchase, takes place inside a VR environment."
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