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Mearsheimer's theory on (future) RUS-US alliance against CN

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Mearsheimer's theory on (future) RUS-US alliance against CN

Postby billz » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:25 am

just in case u might not know, his theory is that in the future china and the usa
will have some kind of physical confrontation, i.e. not peaceful.

it's an interesting vid/presentation, and at the final 10min of the video,
a question from the audience about russia/usa alliance against china, he
theorized that rus/usa will form an alliance.

"Mearsheimer has been critical of US policy toward China, which he regards as fated to engage in "intense security competition" and possible war, if it continues on its steep trajectory of economic growth.[57] His recommended US policy towards China is containment, which calls for the US to keep China from occupying territory and expanding its influence in Asia.[58] Mearsheimer recommended the US policy makers to form a balancing coalition with China's neighbors. According to Mearsheimer, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, and Vietnam will be allies of the United States against a mega-power China’s attempt to dominate.

my analysis:
yes it's true that relationships are fluid, just like vietnam and the usa were huge enemies
are now friends etc.
s.u/rus did have big fights w/ china in the 60s on their border issues and even pre-ww2 russian armies
came to Attack in beijing, right?!!

actually, i tend to agree with this prof that in the Future, like +20 yrs from now when china
has become bigger+stronger, that russia will feel threatened and it will Abandon the sco treaty
and form an alliance with the usa against china.
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Re: Mearsheimer's theory on (future) RUS-US alliance against

Postby billz » Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:16 am

"The Russians and the Japanese both contributed troops to the eight-member international force sent in 1900 to quell the Boxer Rebellion and to relieve the international legations under siege in the Chinese capital, Beijing. Russia had already sent 177,000 soldiers to Manchuria, nominally to protect its railways under construction. The troops of the Qing Empire and the participants of the Boxer Rebellion could do nothing against such a massive army and were ejected from Manchuria. After the Boxer Rebellion, 100,000 Russian soldiers were stationed in Manchuria.[21] The Russian troops settled in[22] and despite assurances they would vacate the area after the crisis, by 1903 the Russians had not established a timetable for withdrawal[23] and had actually strengthened their position in Manchuria.

"British Lieutenant-General Alfred Gaselee acted as the commanding officer of the Eight-Nation Alliance, which eventually numbered 55,000. The main contingent was composed of Japanese (20,840), Russian (13,150), British (12,020), French (3,520), U.S. (3,420), German (900), Italian (80), Austro-Hungarian (75) and anti-Boxer Chinese troops.[83] The "First Chinese Regiment" (Weihaiwei Regiment) which was praised for its performance, consisted of Chinese collaborators serving in the British military.[84] The international force finally captured Tianjin on 14 July under the command of the Japanese Colonel Kuriya, after a day of fighting.
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