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(001) - Proliferate the Chinese Culture

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(001) - Proliferate the Chinese Culture

Postby chungyn » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:53 pm

(001) - Proliferate the Chinese Culture

李白唐詩 Tang poems by Li Bai

(005) - 下終南山過斛斯山人宿置酒
Going down from Mount Zhongnan to lodge in the wine tavern of Hu
By Li Bai (李白 701AD to 762AD)

暮從碧山下,---Mu4 cong2 bi4 shan xia4,
山月隨人歸,---Shan yue4 sui2 ren2 gui,
卻顧所來徑,---Que4 gu4 suo3 lai2 jing4,
蒼蒼橫翠微.---Cang cang heng2 cui4 wei.

相攜及田家,---Xiang xie2 ji2 tian2 jia,
童稚開荊扉,---Tong2 zhi4 kai jing fei,
綠竹入幽徑,---Lu4 zhu2 ru4 you jing4,
青蘿拂行衣.---Qing luo2 fu2 xing2 yi.

歡言得所憩,---Huan yan2 de2 suo3 qi4,
美酒聊共家,---Mei3 jiu3 liao2 gong4 jia,
長歌吟松風,---Chang2 ge yin2 Song Feng,
曲盡河星稀.---Qu3 jin4 he2 xing xi.

我醉君復樂,---Wo3 zui4 jun fu4 le4,
陶然共忘機.---Tao2 ran2 gong4 wang4 ji.

The explanations in Chinese and English

(01) 在傍晚的時候, 我從充滿著碧色的終南山上走下來,
In the evening, I went down the bluish green mountain,
(02) 山中的月亮, 也跟着人一同歸來.
The moonlight was accompanied me homeward bound.
(03) 我回頭望望來時的路徑,
I looked back at the path from which I came,
(04) 只見山間發出深青的顏色, 橫在山的半腰裏.
I saw the mountain was in deep green colour which was lying horizontally
in the mid of the mountain.

(05) 在途中遇見了斛斯山人, 便攜手走到田莊裏,
While passing by a farmhouse, I met Hu, the wine tavern owner. We shook
hands and went inside the farmhouse,
(06) 當下便有小孩子出來開了柴門,
His children came out from the house and opened the gate for us.
(07) 在我進內的當兒, 看見許多的綠竹, 掩映著一條幽靜的小路;
While we were being led by the children into the house, I saw many green
bamboos on the little path.
(08) 路邊的青蘿, 拂著我行路的衣服.
On the side of the path there were also green vines that stroke my clothes.

(09) 到了屋中, 便歡喜地談笑, 說今晚得到一個休息的好機會了.
I felt happy as I arrived in the house because I had a place to rest and
a friend to talk to,
(10) 一會兒, 他就備好了美酒, 和我一起暢飲,
A little while he prepared the good wine and began to drink together.
(11) 並且高唱著[松風] 的樂曲.
We sang loudly the song of "Song Feng" the pines;
(12) 等到樂曲唱完, 看看天河中的星光已稀少.
After a good time in singing our songs and drinking our wine, the stars
in the sky had gone down,

(13) 我既獲的醉後的樂趣, 他也異常的快樂.
My friend was very happy to see me happily getting drunk,
(14) 彼此在這歡天喜地的環境裏, 把世上一切心機變詐完全忘掉了.
In this happy environment, we forgot about this world.

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