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If your Chinese Surname is HUA (滑)

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If your Chinese Surname is HUA (滑)

Postby chungyn » Wed May 24, 2017 5:28 pm

If your Chinese Surname is HUA (滑)

Hua means: smooth; slippery; glossy.
Surname Hua is about 2,600 years old.

The surname Hua originated in an area referred to during the Han Dynasty
(漢朝 206BC to 220AD) as Xiapei prefecture (下邳郡). The present day location
of Xiapei prefecture is in Pei Xian (邳縣, 118.0 degree East and 34.3 degree
North on the world map) of Jiangsu province (江蘇省).

The district of Hua (滑 the present day Goushi 緱氏 town in Yanshi county
偃師縣 in Henan province 河南省) was a territory under the jurisdiction
of the State of Zheng (鄭國 present day Xinzheng 新鄭 city in Henan province)
. In 627BC, Ying Renhao (嬴任好), the 14th ruler of the State of Qin (秦
國 present day Fengxiang county 鳳翔縣 in Shaanxi province 陜西省) ordered
his commander-in-chief Baili Mengming (百里 孟明) to attack the State of
Zheng which was a long distance from the State of Qin. It would take the
Qin army at least thirty days by walking to reach the State of Zheng. While
the Qin army were on the way to Zheng Baili Mengming ordered his troops
to keep as secret as possible because he wanted to invade Zheng by surprise.

After forced marching for more than twenty days the Qin army arrived at
a place called Hua (滑). There was a cattle businessman named Xian Gao (弦
高) who was sending a herd of cows to the Zhou capital, Cheng Zhou (成周
the present day Luoyang 洛陽 city in Henan province 河南省) to sell. Xian
Gao was a resident of the State of Zheng and he stayed in Hua for a day.
Hearing that the Qin troops, who were camping near Hua, were on their way
to attack Zheng, Xian Gao realized that he had to do something to save his
country, Zheng.

Xian Gao disguised himself as the envoy of Zheng and sent all his cows to
the Qin camps. Xian Gao told Baili Mengming that he was sent by the ruler
of Zheng to present the cows as the provision for the Qin army. Baili Mengming
was surprised, thinking that the ruler of Zheng already knew his plan in
advance. Baili Mengming told Xian Gao that he came here just to conquer
Hua only. The Qin army occupied Hua for a while and returned to Qin with
the district officer of Hua and his family. The district office of Hua was
abolished. The family of the district officer of Hua adopted HUA (滑) as
their surname.

The couplet of surname Hua:

源自滑國,---Yuan2 zi4 Hua guo2
望出下邳.---Wang4 chu Xiabu.

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