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Lord Ye's love of dragons 葉公好龍

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Lord Ye's love of dragons 葉公好龍

Postby chungyn » Mon May 01, 2017 7:48 pm

Lord Ye's love of dragons 葉公好龍
Ye Gong Hao3 Long2

There was an aristocrat titled Ye Gong Zigao (葉公子高), whose surname was
Shen (沈) and his given name was Zhuliang (諸梁), People addressed him as
Lord Ye Gong (葉公) and he lived in the State of Chu (楚國 in the present
day county of Jiangling 江陵縣 in Hubei province 湖北省), during the Spring
and Autumn Period (春秋時代 722BC to 481BCB) of the Zhou Dynasty (周朝 1134BC
to 256BC).

Ye Zigao had a fascination for dragons. All his furniture and implements
bore motives of dragons. The doors, windows, pillars and ceilings in his
house were all carved with patterns of dragons. All the walls of his house
were painted with lively pictures of dragons, some of which were so real
that they appeared to be in motion. All his clothes had dragon designs and
his pillows and blankets were embroidered with dragon patterns.

All and sundry who entered his house felt like they were stepping into a
world of dragons. Ye Zigao's affection of dragons was well known throughout
district and was respected by people.

The real dragon in heaven heard about his infatuation and one day decided
to pay him a visit. The real dragon descended to earth and arrived at Ye
Zigao's house. The dragon entered the house, poking its head through a window
and resting its tail in the lounge. Ye Zigao was shocked and frightened
to see the dragon. Before the dragon could extend its salutations, Ye Zi
Gao, in a flash, dashed out of the house screaming in terror. Ye Zigao was
shown to have a superficial interest in dragons while coveting the power
and reverence of the dragons.

The moral is that the professed love of what one really fears.


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