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The Sinicization of a Turk

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The Sinicization of a Turk

Postby chungyn » Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:47 pm

The Sinicization of a Turk

Li Yuan (李淵 566AD to 635AD) was born in Longxi (隴西) of Gangsu province
(甘肅省). At the age of seven he inherited his father's title of the Duke
of Tangguo (唐國公爵). Li Yuan became a general in the Sui Dynasty (隋朝
581AD to 618AD) armed forces. Yang You (楊侑) was installed as the third
Emperor of the Sui Dynasty. His official title was Emperor Gong (恭皇帝
617AD to 618AD), who died in the 5th month of 618AD. Li Yuan took over the
reign of the Government and established the Tang Dynasty (唐朝 618AD to 907AD)

The Tang Dynasty was the most resplendent in all Chinese history. It was
the golden age of Chinese culture. The Tang Dynasty was an expert in political
and economic organization and in religion too. The influence of the Tang
civilization in Asia was at its apex. The city of Changan (長安 the present
day Xian City 西安市 of Shaanxi Province 陜西省), the capital of Tang, was
the center for studying classical poetry and Buddhism. The Empire of Tang
became a very powerful country. During that time there were many countries
in the north, in the east like the countries f Japan and Korea and they
all paid homage to the Tang Authority. (But why Overseas Chinese called,
and are still calling, themselves Tang Ren (唐人)? This is the topic that
until now I still could not find any reference book or books about it).

In the Northwest, there was a country called Huige (回紇國) of Turkish origin.
The Prime Minister of Huige called Ai Xiewu (愛邪勿 the Turkish pronunciation)
came to Changan and asked the Tang Emperor to accept Huige as one of the
Tang protectorate countries. The Tang Emperor gladly agreed and bestowed
upon Ai Xiewu the surname of AI (愛 Love). Ai Xiewu changed his name to
Ai Hongshun (愛弘順) and his descendants continued to use Ai as their surname
and they settled down in Changan permanently.

The couplet of surname Ai (愛):


The surname of Ai was originated during the Tang Dynasty, in the Prefecture
of Hexi,
And the offspring of Ai became prosperous and multiplied fast.

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