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If your Chinese Surname is He (賀)

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If your Chinese Surname is He (賀)

Postby chungyn » Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:31 am

有意栽花花不發,---You3 yi4 zai hua hua bu4 fa,
無心插柳柳成陰.---Wu2 xin cha liu3 liu3 cheng2 yin.

Nurturing with care, my flower did not bloom,
Neglecting a stuck willow branch, it grew into a shade.

If your Chinese Surname is He (賀)

He means: congratulate.
The surname He is about 1,800 years old.

The surname He originated in an area referred to during the Han Dynasty
(漢朝 206BC to 220AD) as the Guangping prefecture (廣平郡). The present
day location of Guangping prefecture is in Jize county (雞澤縣, 114.9 degree
East and 36.9 degree North on the world Map) of Hebei province (河北省).

In 106AD, during the Han Dynasty (漢朝 202BC to 220AD) that Liu Long (劉
隆) was crowned as Emperor Shang (殤皇帝 106AD to 106AD). However, Emperor
Shang died seven months later without any children to succeed him. So Liu
You (劉祐), his cousin brother was installed as the Emperor. Liu You was
crowned as Emperor An (安帝 107AD to 125AD). Emperor An's father was called
Liu Qing (劉慶) who was the governor of Qinghe Prefecture (清河郡) in Hebei
province (河北省).

At that time there were many people bearing the surname QING (慶) in China.
Emperor An did not want people to share the character Qing with his father.
Therefore, he decreed that surname Qing should be changed to surname HE
(賀) since surnames Qing and He had similar meanings of congratulation.
Thus surname He was created by Emperor An.

After the death of Emperor An very few Hes reverted to their original surname
Qing. That is why nowadays there are very few people bearing the surname
Qing. In actual fact the ancestor of surname Qing was Qing Feng (慶封).

The couplet of surname He,

源自姬姓,---Yuan2 zi4 Ji xing4,
望出廣平.---Wang4 chu Guangping.

The surname He evolved from surname Ji,
and the clan spread from Guangping.

He Zhizhang (賀知章 659AD to 744AD), who lived during the Tang Dynasty (唐
朝 618AD to 907AD) was a product of the HE Clan. He was a famous poet. He
had written many poems. This is one of them,

回鄉偶書 Hui Xiang Ou Shu
(The image of returning to one's home village)

少時離家老大回,---Shao3 shi2 li2 jia lao3 da4 hui2,
鄉音無改鬢毛催;---Xiang yin wu2 gai bin4 mao2 cui;
兒童相見不相識,---Er2 tong xiang jian4 bu4 xiang shi2,
笑問客從何處來?--Xiao3 wen4 ke4 cong2 he2 chu4 lai2?

The explanations in plain Chinese and English.

(1) 我從小時離開了家鄉, 到了年紀老大時候, 方纔回來.
Since I was young I left home, and did not returned until I am now an old
(2) 家鄉的口音, 雖然還沒有改變, 可是我的鬢髮卻已發白, 把我催老了.
Although my hometown accent have not changed my hair has turned grey.
(3) 這裏的小孩子見了我; 大家都不認識,
When the children here meet me they do not recognize me,
(4) 笑嘻嘻的問我, "這位客人是從什麼地方來呢?"
Laughing they ask me, "Where are you from, Sir?"

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