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If your Chinese Surname is BAO (鮑)

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If your Chinese Surname is BAO (鮑)

Postby chungyn » Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:30 pm

If your Chinese Surname is BAO (鮑)

Bao means: abalone.
The surname Bao is about 2,400 years old.

The surname Bao originated in an area referred to during the Qin Dynasty
(秦朝 221BC to 207BC) as Shangdang prefecture (上黨郡) The present day location
of Shangdang prefecture is in Changzi county (長子縣 112.8 degree East and
36.1 degree North on the world map) in Shanxi province (山西省).

Zhou King Wu (周武王) destroyed the Shang Dynasty (商朝1783BC to 1135BC)
and established the Zhou Dynasty (周朝1134BC to 256BC). Zhou King Wu not
only rewarded the commander in chief of the Zhou armed forces General Jiang
Ziya (姜子牙) with the inheritable title of Hou (侯) or the Marquis but
also delegated him the authority to rule a large district called Yingqiu
(營丘 near present day city of Jinan 濟南 in Shandong province 山東省).
District Yingqiu was renamed the State of Qi (齊國).

During the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋時代 722BC to 481BC) Jing Shu (敬
叔), an aristocrat, was a high official in the State of Qi. Jing Shu was
appointed by Jiang Lu (姜祿) the 13th ruler of Qi, who ruled Qi from 730BC
to 698BC, to administer a district called Bao (鮑 in the east of present
day Licheng town 曆城 in Shandong province). Jing Shu came to be known as
Bao Jingshu (鮑敬叔).

Bao Shuya (鮑叔牙), the son of Bao Jingshu was a scholar who was employed
as an official in the Court of Qi. Bao Shuya had an intimate friend called
Guan Zhong (管仲) who was a politician.

In 685BC, Jiang Xiaobai (姜小白) became the 15th ruler of the State of Qi.
Jiang Xiaobai wanted Bao Shuya to be his Premier. However, Bao Shuya declined
the offer saying that his best friend Guan Zhong was more capable than him.
Jiang Xiaobai accepted his recommendation. Jiang Xiaobai then appointed
Guan Zhong as the Premier.

Guan Zhong used to tell his friend that:

生我者父母,---Sheng wo3 zhe3 fu4 mu3,
知我者鮑子.---Zhi wo3 zhe3 Bao Zi

My parents gave birth to me.
But the man who really knows me, is Bao Shuya.

In 681BC, Guan Zhong advised Jiang Xiaobai to convene a meeting of all the
rulers of the States in the land and Jiang Xiaobai agreed. A convention
attended by all the rulers in the land was held in a place called Beixing
(北杏). In the meeting Jiang Xaiobai was elected by the rulers as the chairman
of the convention.

In the same year, the State of Qi defeated the bellicose southern State
of Chu (楚國 in present day county of Jiangling 江陵縣 in Hubei province
湖北省). In the north, the State of Qi stopped the incursion by the northern
nomadic tribes of Rong (戎) and Di (狄). Thus the frontiers of the north
and south were secured for the Zhou Empire. All the weak and smaller States
looked upon the State of Qi as their protector. The State of Qi became the
hegemonic State of the day. For thirty years there were no wars in the land.
Thanks to Jiang Xiaobai.

In 388BC, the throne of the State of Qi was seized by Tian Hezi (田和子)
who was the premier of Qi. Tian Hezi did not change the name of the State.
However, from then on all the rulers of the State of Qi were from the Tian
family and their surname was Tian (田) and not Jiang (姜). The offspring
of Bao Jingshu fled the State and relocated themselves to the present day
province of Shanxi (山西省). They all agreed to adopt BAO (鮑) as their surname.

The couplet of surname Bao

源祖叔牙,---Yuan2 zu3 Shuya
望出上黨.---Wang4 chu Shangdang

The progenitor of surname Bao was Shuya,
And it originated from the prefecture of Shangdang.

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