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A short poem by Cao Cao

One night Cao Cao was alone in his garden drinking wine.
It was such a beautiful and bright night with full moon.
He, later, went into the house and composed this short poem.

月明星稀﹐=Yue ming xing xi,
烏鵲南飛﹐=Wu que nan fei,
繞樹三匝﹐=Rao shu san za,
何枝何依。=He zhi he yi

The moon was bright and there were sparely stars,
The magpies were flying to the south,
They flew passed the tree, in the garden, three times,
And were wondering which were the branches they should perch on.


This short poem by Cao Cao is mentioned in Su Dongpo (蘇東坡)'s essay
called 赤壁賦 (Chi Bi Fu).

Cao Cao (155AD to 220AD) was the Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty
(漢朝) and later the first Emperor of the Wei Dynasty (魏朝 220AD to 265AD).

Su Dongpo (蘇東坡 1036AD to 1101AD) was a poet and statesman during
the Song Dynasty (宋朝 960AD 1279AD). Su Dongpo's famous couplet is:

發憤識遍天下字﹐=Fa fen shi bian tian xia zi,
立志讀盡人間書。=Li zhi du jin ren jian shu.

I resolve to know all the words in the world,
And I determine to read all the books by men.
(What a scholar!)

Cao Cao (曹操 154AD to 220AD)

奈何此征夫,---Nai he ci zheng fu,
安得去四方!---An de qu si fang!
戎馬不解鞍,---Rong ma bu jie an,
鎧甲不離傍.---Kai3 jia bu li bang.
冉冉老將至,---Ran ran lao jiang zhi,
何時還故鄉?--He shi huan gu xiang?
神龍藏深泉,---Shen long zang shen quan,
猛獸不高岡.---Meng shou bu gao Gang.
狐死歸首丘,---Hu si gui shou qiu,
故鄉安可忘.---Gu xiang an ke wang.

(know only these two lines-

豹死留皮,---Bao4 si3 liu2 pi2,
人死留名.---Ren2 si3 liu2 ming2.

The leopard dies but leaves its skin,
As a man leaves his reputation.

Do you know the rest?

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