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送別 Saying farewell

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送別 Saying farewell

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送別 Saying farewell
A Tang poem by Wang Wei (王維 699AD to 759AD)

下馬飲君酒,---Xia4 ma3 yin3 jun jiu3,
問君何所之?--Wen4 jun he2 suo3 zhi?
君言不得意,---Jun yan2 bu4 de2 yi4,
歸臥南山陲.---Gui wo4 nan2 shan chui2.
但去莫復問,---Dan4 qu4 mo4 fu4 wen4,
白雲無盡時.---Bai2 yun2 wu2 jin4 shi2.

The explanations in plain Chinese and English

(1) 請你下馬來飲一杯酒, 再問你要往什麼地方去?
I said, "Please dismount from your horse and have a glass of wine", and
then I asked again, "Where are you going?"
(2) 你說因為心中不得意, 要歸隱到終南山旁邊去.
You said that you had no alternative, but to go back to Zhongnanshan [1A]
to live in seclusion.
(3) 既然這樣, 那麼你就去罷, 我也不再向你問了.
Such being the case, I said, "You may go and I am not going to ask you anymore
(4) 但是我們朋友的交情, 好像天上的白雲, 永遠沒有窮盡的時候啊!
However, our friendship was like the white clouds in the sky, forever without

Zhongnanshan (終南山)
is also called Qinling (秦嶺), a mountain range, which starts from Tianshui
county (天水縣) in Gansu province (甘肅省) and continues to Dashan (大山
) in Shan county (陝縣) in Henan province (河南省).

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